December 9th, 2011 · Captures, Gallery, Media, What to Expect · By Fram

The first official trailer of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is finally here! It really looks like a cute movie and I really like to see Anna and Chace Crawford as a couple. Hope the stills will come out soon.


December 8th, 2011 · Breaking Dawn - Part 1, Gallery, Pitch Perfect, Stills · By Fram

I updated the gallery with an old photo of Anna on set of “Pitch Perfect” plus the first official quality still of her in “Breaking Dawn Pt1″:


December 8th, 2011 · 50/50, Movies · By Fram

The acclaimed dramedy is coming to Blu-ray in January, and you can save an additional $5 by pre-ordering from Amazon!

In an early retailer announcement, Summit Entertainment will release ’50/50′ on Blu-ray on January 24.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen team up to beat the odds in a film that Rolling Stone calls achingly hilarious and heartfelt. Diagnosed with spinal cancer, 27 year old Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) navigates the road to recovery with the sometimes overbearing support of his crude best friend (Rogen), his smothering mother (Angelica Huston) and an inexperienced therapist (Anna Kendrick). Inspired by a true story of writer Will Reiser, 50/50 is an honest yet hysterically funny account of a young man’s journey toward healing.

Plus for a limited time, those who pre-order from Amazon can save an additional $5 by entering the code 5O5OFILM at checkout!

Specs and supplements have yet to be detailed, but suggested list price for the Blu-ray is $30.49.

December 8th, 2011 · 50/50, Anna News, Interviews · By Fram

In spite of not being a household name (yet), Anna Kendrick has notched up a diverse and interesting selection of roles in her relatively short career, including Scott Pilgrim​’s sharp-witted and slightly scary sister, the very sweet and somewhat out of her depth Natalie in Up in the Air – for which she received an Oscar nomination, as well as putting in the only watchable performances in the entire Twilight saga.

She’s also a massive film fan, and for that reason alone we absolutely love her.

Anna was recently in town to promote 50/50, and we had the opportunity to speak to her about her experiences making the film, her first time as a romantic interest, and how to talk about Twilight without actually talking about Twilight.

  • On becoming involved with 50/50
    I read the script mid-2009, and didn’t hear anything about it I met with Nathan Kahane from Mandate about it, but it was sort of about other things, and you never want to say, ‘I really want to do that movie’. You want to act super cool. Then, out of nowhere, at Christmas they offer it to me and I was really excited. I thought it had disappeared, and then it came back. I was very excited.
    Now Seth and Will and Jonathon say, ‘we had her in mind the whole time’, but you never know about that stuff. It wasn’t written for me, no. It’s funny, because I wonder to what degree they were expecting me to do the same performance I did in Up In The Air. At a certain point I felt like that’s exactly what they wanted, and I felt bad because I felt like I was tricking them into offering me a part, and then planning to do something else, but everybody was happy with what I was doing.
  • On creating the character of Katherine
    Somebody had told me, they were misinformed, but they told me that Katherine was based on a real character, and her dad was a therapist, and her heart wasn’t really in it, but she felt like she had to continue the family business, and I met with Jonathan after they’d offered me the part and said, ‘I can’t really reconcile that back story with what’s on the paper’, and he was like, ‘good news. She’s not a real person, so we can do whatever we want’. We tried to come much more from a place of a girl who cares so much, and is so excited to help people that she is sort of getting in her own way a lot – and that was much more exciting for me. So it didn’t feel like what was on paper was changing, but it felt like I was given permission to try something else.
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December 8th, 2011 · 50/50, Anna News, Interviews · By Fram

With the funny and touching comedy-drama 50/50 hitting UK cinemas this Friday 25th November, we catch up with star Anna Kendrick for a chat.

The Oscar-nominated star of Up in the Air plays Katie, a young psychologist to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer sufferer Adam. Based on scriptwriter Will Reiser’s actual experience battling cancer, it co-stars Reiser’s real-life friend Seth Rogen – we’ll be bringing you an interview with the pair later this week.

Read review of 50/50 here, to find out why it’s a genuinely affecting mixture of gallows humour and a traditional “bromance” dynamic between Gordon-Levitt and Rogen.

We chatted to Kendrick, last seen in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, about her latest role, steering the round-table away from questions about Robert Pattinson. For Kendrick is also known to millions of Twilight fans as Kristen Stewart’s bitchy friend Jessica in the film franchise, successfully stealing every scene.

  • How close are you to your character in the film? Do you think you’d make a good therapist?
    I don’t really like to give advice, because I’m worried that the advice I give would backfire. I used to be a really good listener, but I think that’s gotten worse over time. I think once upon a time I would have made a better therapist that now.
  • Did it take a lot of research to play a professional therapist?
    Well I did have the benefit of being able to be a bad therapist! I met up with a young woman who does similar work and she was really helpful, particularly in that she was very young but had just enough experience to reflect on the mistakes she felt she had made when she was younger. If I had met with someone who was just starting out they maybe wouldn’t have had so much to tell me, but she was great. She could tell me “This was what was going through my mind,” and what she tried to be aware of and failed, that kind of thing.
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December 8th, 2011 · Media · By Fram

Here’s a cute old video of Anna’s Glamour Photoshoot where she wishes Glamour Magazine Happy Birthday while she blows the candles:


December 8th, 2011 · Anna News, Articles, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 · By Fram

Sexy Twilight Saga star Anna Kendrick who also has 50/50 out later this month has revealed she has no intention to step behind the camera because directors always seem in agony.

The Oscar nominated screen siren is irritated by the shortage of good scripts for women, however she won’t be tempted to direct, she said:

“There is just a criminal lack of good scripts full stop! Do I want to direct? Not really. Directors constantly seem to be in agony. There seems to be significant weight loss or gain, or the greying of hair. I mean, you have to be stupid to be an actor, but you have to be really stupid to be a director!”

While she’s appreciative of her time with the vampire franchise, she adds she’s glad she will not be always be tied with it because she played a human character adding

“I definitely came away from that unscathed. I mean, some people in ‘Twilight’ will only be thought of by a specific group of people as so-and-so vampire, and when it comes to me, people who are fans of the series generally think, ‘Oh, she did an OK job, she’s alright by me.’ But I don’t think I will forever be that particular girl for them and I think that’s because I play a human being. It’s easier for people to accept me as other people.”

Kendrick is currently filming Jason Moore’s Pitch Perfect as Beca alongside Brittany Snow and will next be seen in Lionsgate’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting on May 18 and then in the epic finale to The Twilight Saga when Breaking Dawn – Part 2 arrives in cinemas next November.


December 8th, 2011 · Anna News, Articles · By Fram

Anna Kendrick is glad that she can be part of the Twilight Saga without any of the “bulls**t” associated with it.

The 26-year-old actress plays Bella Swan’s best friend in box office phenomenon The Twilight Saga. But she told The Independent she had already been cast in Up In The Air with George Clooney, which earned her an Oscar nomination, before the first Twilight movie was released.

Anna said: “I booked Up In The Air before the first Twilight even came out so it wasn’t like I was going: ‘Oh my God, this huge teen movie is out, I’ve got to make an adult movie as fast as I can!'”

Anna acknowledges that being part of Twilight has won her a dedicated fan base. However, she is glad her small part in the film franchise doesn’t attract too much negative attention.

“Twilight was this huge thing that spiralled out of control,” she said.

“When something gets that big, there’s always a backlash. But I don’t have people following me around everywhere, or writing horrendous things about me on the internet. I appreciate the fact that I get to reap all the benefits of this crazy mega-franchise with almost none of the bulls**t that a lot of the cast has to deal with.”

Anna garnered critical acclaim for her role as an ambitious businesswoman in Up in the Air, alongside George Clooney. She also plays inexperienced psychologist, Katherine ‘Katie’ McCay in comedy drama 50/50.

The 26-year-old gets annoyed when people criticise her choice of film roles.

“Somebody asked me recently why I play young professionals,” she said in an interview with British newspaper The Independent.

“I thought: ‘What am I supposed to be playing… a senior citizen?’ But I don’t define characters by their profession or age. It’s just about what I feel that I can do with them.”

Anna is keen to diversify her film roles. However, she is unsure about having to portray a villain.

“Oh my god. I’m one of those people who hadn’t seen Mad Men until a couple months ago and I genuinely don’t know how Vincent Kartheiser can play that character [slimy adman Pete Campbell] with no redeeming qualities,” she explained.

“I actually had to ask myself: ‘Could I be someone so horrible without trying to sneak in little moments where I apologise to the audience?’ I really don’t think I could.”

December 8th, 2011 · Anna News, Articles · By Fram

The 26-year-old has starred in films such as 50/50 and in 2009’s Up in the Air alongside George Clooney, for which she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Kendrick plays the role of Jessica, a friend of Bella Swan’s in the Twilight series of films.

She said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph: “I know that people have to ask me about Twilight, but it’s tricky to be honest about those films and also to be discreet.

“I like sets that feel small. Big sets are difficult; it feels like there’s constant miscommunication. I’ve been lucky so far, but I can see why people don’t necessarily have fun on big movies. Smaller films are really rewarding.”

Kendrick spoke about her wish to try out different roles throughout her career, and is due to star in the romantic comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

She said of the film: “It’s going to be a big, shiny movie but I’m consciously trying to do different things. People want you to do the same thing over and over and then complain that you never do anything else.

“Actresses have to redefine themselves at certain ages – you’re supposed to be an ingénue in your 20s, Kelly Reilly in your 30s and Laura Linney in your 40s. And I will try my very best to do that.”

December 5th, 2011 · Appearances, Gallery, Photoshoots · By Fram

Let’s go back in September and Toronto International Film Festival and enjoy some beautiful portraits of Anna taken back then:


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