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Anna Is Addicted to Reddit
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Rapture-Palooza Star Anna Kendrick Is Addicted to Reddit

Uses Snapchat through the day

Who Anna Kendrick
Age 27
Accomplishments Starring in Rapture-Palooza (in theaters June 7) and Drinking Buddies (Aug. 23); played a cappella prodigy Beca Mitchell in last year’s Pitch Perfect
Base Los Angeles

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?
I still haven’t bought a clock radio, so I look at my phone to check the time. And then I’ll see that I’ve got texts and emails. So then I’m just up because I’m afraid that somebody’s died in the middle of the night.

How do you get your news?
I’m addicted to Reddit. I spend a lot of time there, probably more than I should, but it’s definitely one of the first things that I check in the morning. That’s how I found out about the theater shooting in Aurora because someone who worked there had posted about it. It’s amazing—that site gets information faster than anybody.

Are you a fan of any particular subreddits?
Sometimes I’ll go to the “Get Motivated” subreddit just to get me off Reddit … There was one this morning that literally said, “Whatever you’re supposed to be doing right now, go fucking do it,” and I was like, “Aye aye, Reddit!”


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More from the LA Weekly Interview
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LA weekly posted an extended version of their interview with Anna as they weren’t able to include everything in the 2013 People Issue.

001.jpgWe profiled actress/singer/comedian/Twitter celebrity Anna Kendrick for our People Issue, but didn’t have space for everything.

Here are some of the best deleted bits from our interview:

On Twitter:

I find I get the most response from things that I’m kind of honest about. When I make full-out jokes that works sometimes too, as the Ryan Gosling Tweet proved.

But sometimes when I say something really honest, like I tweeted something about sometimes I wish I could wear sign around my neck that says, “Look, I’m pretty sensitive, can everybody just be cool?”…And I got an amazing response because it was, like, an honest thing where sometimes you’re just like feeling really vulnerable…

It kind of forces you to tighten things up, which I’m bad at. Anything that I’ve ever written is just so utterly rambling…Like when God forbid I have a misunderstanding with somebody, the email that I will send them is like a ten-page novel.


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Anna on New York Moves
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posted by newyorkmoves.com on September 7st, 2012

“Do I see something I can bring to this that maybe somebody else can’t?”

Researching” an actor whose work is as singular as Anna Kendrick’s can barely be called work. In fact, it reminds me of a Noel Coward quote she used when describing her approach to her own career: “Work is more fun than fun.”


As I watched as many of her films as I could get my hands on (50/50, the Twilight films, Up in the Air, CAMP, and very notably Rocket Science), one phrase kept repeating itself in my head: “She seems so alive.” Even in roles that I thought on paper must have looked mundane at best (Twilight’s Jessica), Anna is able to find the soul of the character and truly bring them to, well, life. It is this skill – borne of equal parts talent and hard work – that has lifted her into prominence… that and what can only be called her innate delightfulness.


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Anna Talks Favorite Designers, Top Trend, and More
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posted by celebstyle.com on September 17st, 2012

For its September issue, Angeleno magazine featured Anna Kendrick as its glamorous cover girl. We got a chance to catch up with the talented actress at a dinner at Scarpetta in Beverly Hills celebrating the issue, and she dished all about her personal style — she has four words for it — her stylist, favorite and most-hated trends, and favorite designers. At the end we played a fun little fashion game with her where we asked her for her snap judgments for everything from flats vs. heels to leather vs. lace. Read our fashion chat now, then shop the widget below to get her look.

CelebStyle: How would you describe your personal style?
Anna Kendrick: Considered, understated, casual, pretty.

CS: Who’s your stylist and how does the styling process typically go?
AK: My stylist is Neil Rodgers. We typically discuss upcoming events, swap images on looks we both like. Neil brings over looks for a try on and fitting with our seamstress Lourdes. Then once we’ve decided on a dress we then commence the search for the perfect shoes, jewelry, and clutch, and finally swap hair and makeup references for the look.

CS: What are some fashion trends you particularly love and hate?
AK: Love the new pointed toe, hate printed jeans.

To hear more from our fashion chat with Anna Kendrick, read more.

CS: With Fall coming up, what pieces are you looking forward to rocking?
AK: I love Elie Saab, Mulberry, Dior amongst others and am looking forward to wearing more from their resort and Spring 2013 collections.

CS: Snap judgment: heels or flats?
AK: Flats for day, heels for night.

CS: Leather or lace?
AK: Lace.

CS: Red carpet or street style?
AK: Street.

CS: Black or color?
AK: Color.

CS: Mini or maxi?
AK: Mini.

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Anna Admits She’s Naive About Drug Trafficking, Cocaine
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posted by bullettmedia.com on September 21st, 2012

Before she unleashes her inner gleek in next week’s a capella comedy Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick goes to a decidedly darker place in David Ayer’s gritty new cop-umentary, End of Watch. In it, she plays the doting girlfriend to Jake Gyllenhaal’s fearless man in blue, who, along with his partner (played by Michael Pena), get themselves into some deep doo-doo by playing cowboy in the wild west streets of South Central L.A. It was one of two films Kendrick premiered at last week’s TIFF, the other being Robert Redford’s restrained thriller The Company You Keep. Here, the 27-year-old actress discusses her naivete when it comes to drugs, post-production depression, and why she would never, ever marry a cop.

Do you enjoy coming to Toronto?
Yeah, Toronto has been really good to me. I mean, obviously I’ve been lucky to be here with films that I’m really proud of and people seem to connect with. But the audiences are just really present, and it seems to be really a mixed-bag of industry people, festival people, and people who have maybe never been to a festival before. Like some of the really young people at 50/50 and End of Watch, I got the sense that they had no idea that, like for example, the cast would come and sit down in the audience. They were really excited it, and it was like, “You know, that’s how festivals work, right?”

Well, this is a festival for cinephiles, as opposed to something like Cannes that can feel a little more contrived and industry based.
Yeah absolutely, but it’s also kind of elegant. Like Sundance is rough and tumble in that sense, but here it’s nice to put on a proverbial dress when you’re in your movie.


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Anna Talks “50/50″, Playing A Romantic Role And The Domination Of “Twilight”
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In spite of not being a household name (yet), Anna Kendrick has notched up a diverse and interesting selection of roles in her relatively short career, including Scott Pilgrim​’s sharp-witted and slightly scary sister, the very sweet and somewhat out of her depth Natalie in Up in the Air – for which she received an Oscar nomination, as well as putting in the only watchable performances in the entire Twilight saga.

She’s also a massive film fan, and for that reason alone we absolutely love her.

Anna was recently in town to promote 50/50, and we had the opportunity to speak to her about her experiences making the film, her first time as a romantic interest, and how to talk about Twilight without actually talking about Twilight.

  • On becoming involved with 50/50
    I read the script mid-2009, and didn’t hear anything about it I met with Nathan Kahane from Mandate about it, but it was sort of about other things, and you never want to say, ‘I really want to do that movie’. You want to act super cool. Then, out of nowhere, at Christmas they offer it to me and I was really excited. I thought it had disappeared, and then it came back. I was very excited.
    Now Seth and Will and Jonathon say, ‘we had her in mind the whole time’, but you never know about that stuff. It wasn’t written for me, no. It’s funny, because I wonder to what degree they were expecting me to do the same performance I did in Up In The Air. At a certain point I felt like that’s exactly what they wanted, and I felt bad because I felt like I was tricking them into offering me a part, and then planning to do something else, but everybody was happy with what I was doing.
  • On creating the character of Katherine
    Somebody had told me, they were misinformed, but they told me that Katherine was based on a real character, and her dad was a therapist, and her heart wasn’t really in it, but she felt like she had to continue the family business, and I met with Jonathan after they’d offered me the part and said, ‘I can’t really reconcile that back story with what’s on the paper’, and he was like, ‘good news. She’s not a real person, so we can do whatever we want’. We tried to come much more from a place of a girl who cares so much, and is so excited to help people that she is sort of getting in her own way a lot – and that was much more exciting for me. So it didn’t feel like what was on paper was changing, but it felt like I was given permission to try something else.
  •

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Anna Talks “50/50″, while fielding obligatory “Twilight” questions
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With the funny and touching comedy-drama 50/50 hitting UK cinemas this Friday 25th November, we catch up with star Anna Kendrick for a chat.

The Oscar-nominated star of Up in the Air plays Katie, a young psychologist to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer sufferer Adam. Based on scriptwriter Will Reiser’s actual experience battling cancer, it co-stars Reiser’s real-life friend Seth Rogen – we’ll be bringing you an interview with the pair later this week.

Read review of 50/50 here, to find out why it’s a genuinely affecting mixture of gallows humour and a traditional “bromance” dynamic between Gordon-Levitt and Rogen.

We chatted to Kendrick, last seen in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, about her latest role, steering the round-table away from questions about Robert Pattinson. For Kendrick is also known to millions of Twilight fans as Kristen Stewart’s bitchy friend Jessica in the film franchise, successfully stealing every scene.

  • How close are you to your character in the film? Do you think you’d make a good therapist?
    I don’t really like to give advice, because I’m worried that the advice I give would backfire. I used to be a really good listener, but I think that’s gotten worse over time. I think once upon a time I would have made a better therapist that now.
  • Did it take a lot of research to play a professional therapist?
    Well I did have the benefit of being able to be a bad therapist! I met up with a young woman who does similar work and she was really helpful, particularly in that she was very young but had just enough experience to reflect on the mistakes she felt she had made when she was younger. If I had met with someone who was just starting out they maybe wouldn’t have had so much to tell me, but she was great. She could tell me “This was what was going through my mind,” and what she tried to be aware of and failed, that kind of thing.
  •

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Interview: “A.V. Club”
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Since breaking out as a high-school debater in 2007’s Rocket Science, Anna Kendrick has chalked up a string of preternaturally smart, endearingly awkward characters: The latest is Katherine, the eager but painfully inexperienced therapist to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer patient in 50/50. While she was still in junior high, Kendrick picked up a Tony nomination for her role in the Broadway revival of High Society, and she made her film debut as a scheming theater-camp soprano in 2003’s Camp. Since then, she’s been a corporate hatchet woman opposite George Clooney in Up In The Air, and played an ongoing role as a dimwitted high-school student in the Twilight franchise. During a whistle-stop press tour following 50/50’s Toronto première, Kendrick sat down with The A.V. Club to talk about her belated introduction to onscreen romance, her formative experiences at theater camp, and why even her idiots are precocious.

  • The A.V. Club: In 50/50, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing writer Will Reiser, and Seth Rogen is playing himself. Your character is wholly invented. Is that a weird place to be, playing a fictional role opposite actors who are drawing from real life?
    Anna Kendrick:
    No, it was a nice place, actually, because I had the freedom to create her from the ground up. Someone was misinformed and told me that she was real, and that she only became a therapist because her dad was a therapist, and she felt like she had to, and her heart wasn’t in it. And when I spoke to the director for the first time, I was saying, “I can’t reconcile that with what’s on the page.” And he told me, “She’s not real, so we can go ahead and do whatever you want.” We felt like she has probably always been a good listener, always been the person her friends came to for advice, and thought that doing it professionally would be just as easy as it always was for her. Now she has to channel that through her textbook lingo. She’s really getting tripped up, and that’s what is causing her to be what I lovingly referred to on set as the worst therapist in the world. I feel pretty badly about how bad she is. There are times when I felt really embarrassed and said, “Can we give her some great moment where she really helps [Gordon-Levitt’s character] Adam?” I was terrified, but hopefully it’s endearing. I think the moment where I forgive her, anyway, is when she says, “I’m really trying my best,” because I think anybody in their 20s understands that feeling.
  •

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Interview: “Anna shares advice on rejection & being yourself”
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Anna Kendrick, 26-years-old, talented, kind, humble — and rising quickly up the Hollywood ladder of success. Having “caught” the acting bug at the age of 10, Anna’s parents allowed her to ride the bus into NYC to attend auditions. Her first one hit at the age of 12 and she has been working ever since.

001.jpgAnna is most known for her roles in:

  • The Twilight Saga (Jessica Stanley)
  • Up in the Air (Natalie Keener)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
  • Rocket Science (2007)
  • Camp (2003)
  • Broadway musical High Society (1998)

I had the honor to sit down with Anna and interview her at a roundtable. So, although I may not have gotten to ask many questions, the ones that I did ask, received truly inspirational answers.

I believe that many young actors can look up to Anna Kendrick and learn from this very grounded and kind actress. She shares advice on rejection and how she remains a positive role model for young actors.

  • What advice can you give to young actors who want to start off in acting?
    Advice to starting out in acting is tough for me because I started so young. I can’t imagine trying to find an agent and getting my first job at a later age. When you are 10-years-old, you go into an agent, you meet them, you read a cheesy commercial and they decide to represent you. I think it’s a really difficult thing and I think it takes a lot of courage.
    I guess I would say rejection doesn’t get easier. If it’s not getting easier it is not because you need to grow a thick skin. It’s just something that we all go through. The only comfort you can take from that is knowing that everybody has gone through so much more than they would care to admit. Certainly, I wouldn’t want to name all the things that I didn’t get. A lot of those things weren’t even quality projects. It’s not a reflection of you. Everybody goes through it. I guess that is the only advice I could offer because I feel it is unfair to say that, everything happens for a reason or it’s their loss because people told me that and it didn’t make me feel any better.

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Anna Dishes on 50/50 and the End of Twilight
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Anna Kendrick enters our suite at the Park Hyatt in Toronto, which is quite cold, dressed to the nines – an outfit which is quickly covered up by a hotel terrycloth robe.

“It’s freezing in here,” she proclaims and we couldn’t agree more. But what is hot is her performance in 50/50 (watch the 50/50 trailer if you haven’t seen it).

Kendrick first wowed in Twilight and its subsequent films as a friend of Bella’s (Kristen Stewart). She then went on to star in Rocket Science and earned an Oscar nomination for Up in the Air opposite George Clooney. That performance caught the eye of 50/50 filmmakers who thought she was perfect to portray Katherine, the therapist of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character who has spinal cancer that is seriously threatening his life.

The actress is quickly becoming one of our favorites and in person, she is as gracious as she is talented. Kendrick talks to Movie Fanatic about 50/50, if she feels like a Toronto Film Fest veteran after her star-making turn during Up in the Air’s Toronto run and her emotions as the cameras have shut down on the Twilight saga with the arrival of November’s Breaking Dawn Part 1

  • Movie Fanatic: You are so convincing in Twilight as a high school student and in 50/50 as a doctor. When you first read the script, what was your interpretation of the character so that people would see you believably as a doctor?
    Anna Kendrick:
    I was so excited to be offered the part. I read the script and so wanted to do it. It was an early Christmas present, just before Christmas they offered me the part. I was so excited. I do feel like, Jonathan had seen me in Rocket Science, but ultimately everyone was happy with me getting the job because of Up in the Air. I felt like I pulled a little trick because the role felt a little more like that character. I tried to make her feel different, feel vulnerable and soft. That’s how I saw her. A lot of people on the page are saying there’s this great role in this movie. She’s really confident. She’s this young professional, a know it all. No, she has the facade of a know it all, but she knows she’s an idiot, and she’s just trying to get through the day without anyone calling her on it. That was a fun angle to explore. I did meet a woman who does work similar to Katherine, who was extremely generous with her time. She wrote out a file for Adam as though Adam was her client — which was incredibly helpful. Especially, she talked to me about all the mistakes she made when she was starting out. She did say that wanting to touch your patients was something that she did and something she had to learn to fight as she got more experienced. Just all the things that would be running through her head, particularly when she was just starting.
  •

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