Griddle Season is coming – Recommended griddles for this summer

griddles for summer 2018

Summer is here and with it comes plenty of excitement as we get to enjoy the free vitamin D, mood-boosting sunshine, and a nice family and friends time at a BBQ. The outdoor cookout moment you share with your closest companions brings a fresh and sizzling moment courtesy of the beautiful summertime. And what other better way than to kick-start the season by owning at least one the best griddles in the market. Summer griddles have grown to be the staple appliance for most households immediately when summer arrives. They have proven to be exceptionally useful for gatherings of almost any size.

Blackstone griddles are popular for their spacious cooking surface which makes them ideal when dealing with a large crowd full of appetite. It is, for this reason, we have listed some of the best griddles for summer that families and chefs from all over the country have approved.

2018 Best Griddles for Summer

1. Best Table Top Griddle

The Blackstone 17″ Table Top Griddle is a compact and useful appliance that is perfect especially for the lovers of hotdogs, burgers, steaks, sautéed mushrooms with onions, pancakes, eggs, and other sorts of creative combinations. With just 268 sq. inches, your outdoor experience can be compared to none as the H-style burner provides an even distribution of heat. This is important as it will allow the food to properly cook and when your piece is ready simply wipe the surface with a paper towel and you are done ““ no special type of cleanup gear required. The tabletop grill is a reprieve from traditional grilling where you had to work with a grill, charcoal, pots, pans, and cleanup gear.

2. Best Outdoor Griddle

36″ Blackstone outdoor griddle with 4 burners has been crafted to offer top functionality to its customers. This functionality together with portability brings a whole new grilling experience in the outdoor space. If you are one of the many people who prefer to have their food or bites done faster and consistently, then the 36″ outdoor griddle fits you very well. Consistency is brought by the solid steel which enables an even temperature once cooking begins. Whether you plan an intimate setting or a large group of friends, the 4 independently moderated burners will perfectly cater for the craving, especially if you are a breakfast lover.

3. Best Stainless Steel Front Griddle

Blackstone”s stainless steel front 28″ is a summer griddle that gives the chef of the day tons of versatility and the best part in all this is the aesthetic benefit that it brings in any cooking space. You can have the legs folded when you want to change your position and have them back when you get to the next point. The griddle has a 10-gauge thick rolled steel surface which is excellent for heat retention as well as distribution. Two burners are available for temperature control where each has an output of 17,000 BTU. It is appropriate for family and friends as the 28.5″ by 16.5″ cooking surface can hold 44 hotdogs, 12 steaks, or 18 hamburgers which can serve a significant number of people.

4. Best All-Purpose Griddle

Being summer, an all-purpose cooking unit that can be used outdoors is necessary. Tailgater combo is an all-purpose unit that is easy to carry around thanks to its adjustable legs. You can move with it on any terrain and still manage to set up and cook. There are 2 burners available to help you control the heat depending on what you are preparing. As long as you know what you”re doing, Tailgater has a frying pan, dutch oven, and a stock pot to ensure that the meal cooks perfectly. It can hold up to 4 steaks or 20 hotdogs which provides the best fit for small gatherings. All you need to do is make sure that the temperature is right, grill, and enjoy the beauty that summer brings.

5. Camp Chef”s Flat Top Griddle

Camp Chef”s Flat Top is the ideal griddle if you”re planning to make your favorite sandwiches or even enjoy the sizzling effect of fresh fish on the grill. It is easy to use and its restaurant style makes it the convenient option when it comes to draining grease. There is an added heat diffuser plate which aids in distributing heat evenly minimizing the hot spots. The flat top griddle is pre-seasoned with “true seasoned finish” and is ready to use in almost any setting.
The downside with the flat top griddle from Camp Chef compared to Blackstone products is that they are hard to clean. The other notable issue is with the design; Blackstone griddles are aesthetically on point. Most grillers see Camp Chef”s product as having the functionality but lacking the all-important attractive look that makes the summer gatherings a delight.

Blackstone griddles display a cocktail the passion, commitment, and cutting-edge technology that the creators and innovators have shared to come up with exclusive cooking units. These griddles come with a fresh summer experience where customers get to make outstanding meals. The units are versatile and they have the capacity to satisfy different numbers and great options are available for almost any budget. Finally, before buying you should first look at what you need, have a rough estimate of the people you”ll be expecting, and lastly what you can afford.