The best way to maintain a griddle

how to clean a griddle

A griddle can be an expensive investment. This is especially true for the higher quality ones, like a Blackstone griddle. Because of such, it’s only natural that you know how to keep a griddle in good condition so you can make the most of your investment.

In this article, we are going to offer you some essential tips on how you can maintain your griddle.

Be Mindful About The Temperature

Most griddles are made from durable materials like steel. However, even steel can be susceptible to damages brought on by sudden temperature changes.

Keep in mind that the juices coming out from your ingredients (e.g. meat, vegetables) is relatively cooler than the griddle surface. If you remember from your physics class, metal expands when it heats up. On the other hand, if a metal is cooled, it will also shrink. When the metal expands and shrinks uniformly, it’s not a big of an issue. The problem starts when there’s sudden unevenness of temperature.

In the case of griddles, when the relatively cooler temperature from the juices hits the surface, it will cause the surface of the griddle to shrink. However, the middle and underside layer of the griddle is at a different temperature. This means that the middle and underside layer will stay at the same size. Now imagine this scenario.

The top layer shrinks, and the mid layer stays the same. This movement will cause a lot of stress, which will eventually create microcracks.

Keep in mind that these movements are so minute, and the naked eye can’t notice it. However, if you keep doing it, it will eventually make your griddle brittle. To combat this problem, temperature control is a must.

You can start heating up your griddle at a specific setting for at least 5 minutes. After that, drop down a notch for at least 2 – 3 minutes before you start cooking on the griddle. So if you start with a medium setting, you drop down to medium-low. If you start with a medium-low, take it down to the low setting. By doing so, you can achieve a better “evenness” in heating across the surface.

Also, it’s highly advisable to use a medium or low setting when cooking with a griddle as it minimizes the temperature difference between the griddle and the food items you are cooking. Ultimately, this will also reduce the chances of microcracks and other damages.


Part of proper griddle maintenance includes proper cleaning. When it comes to griddle cleaning, one essential tip to keep in mind is you should do it while the surface is still warm. Warm food particles are easier to clean, which means you don’t have to do hard scrubbing that may lead to nicks and scratches. Also, your best friend is a metal spatula, so it’s best that you get one if you don’t have it yet.

After you have removed all the food bits, you’d want to wash the griddle with mild dish soap and hot water. What you should never use is an abrasive detergent cleaning agent as this can damage the surface and remove the seasoned finish.


Keeping your griddle seasoned is essential as it provides the griddle surface with a “coating.” This coating will help keep the moisture out, which prevents the griddle from rusting too soon. The coating also contributes in terms of providing the griddle surface with “non-stick” properties.

It’s highly advisable that your season you griddle before using it for the first time. After that, you can just season the griddle after each use. Also, only season it after you have thoroughly cleaned it.

Before you do the seasoning procedure, make sure the griddle is completely dry. Then, apply a very thin layer of oil and then turn up the heat afterward. The surface will start smoking soon after. Don’t mind it as this is normal. Continue the heating process until all the smoke has disappeared.

Properly seasoning a griddle is a tutorial by itself. Hence, it’s best that you check some step-by-step guide for it.


The best place to store your griddle is in a clean and dry area. If you choose to wrap it with a bag, make sure you leave an opening and not completely seal it. This is for better air circulation, which then prevents the griddle from “sweating.”

Sweating can make your griddle more susceptible to rust.

Wrapping It All Up

Knowing how to maintain a griddle is not rocket science. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward task. You just need a guide on how to do it properly and the keeping in mind that tips that we mentioned above is a good start.

It’s also a good idea to get a high-quality griddle in the first place as it’s easier to maintain and last longer. Check for a few Blackstone griddles as they are known to be one of the best in the industry.

Griddle Season is coming – Recommended griddles for this summer

griddles for summer 2018

Summer is here and with it comes plenty of excitement as we get to enjoy the free vitamin D, mood-boosting sunshine, and a nice family and friends time at a BBQ. The outdoor cookout moment you share with your closest companions brings a fresh and sizzling moment courtesy of the beautiful summertime. And what other better way than to kick-start the season by owning at least one the best griddles in the market. Summer griddles have grown to be the staple appliance for most households immediately when summer arrives. They have proven to be exceptionally useful for gatherings of almost any size.

Blackstone griddles are popular for their spacious cooking surface which makes them ideal when dealing with a large crowd full of appetite. It is, for this reason, we have listed some of the best griddles for summer that families and chefs from all over the country have approved.

2018 Best Griddles for Summer

1. Best Table Top Griddle

The Blackstone 17″ Table Top Griddle is a compact and useful appliance that is perfect especially for the lovers of hotdogs, burgers, steaks, sautéed mushrooms with onions, pancakes, eggs, and other sorts of creative combinations. With just 268 sq. inches, your outdoor experience can be compared to none as the H-style burner provides an even distribution of heat. This is important as it will allow the food to properly cook and when your piece is ready simply wipe the surface with a paper towel and you are done ““ no special type of cleanup gear required. The tabletop grill is a reprieve from traditional grilling where you had to work with a grill, charcoal, pots, pans, and cleanup gear.

2. Best Outdoor Griddle

36″ Blackstone outdoor griddle with 4 burners has been crafted to offer top functionality to its customers. This functionality together with portability brings a whole new grilling experience in the outdoor space. If you are one of the many people who prefer to have their food or bites done faster and consistently, then the 36″ outdoor griddle fits you very well. Consistency is brought by the solid steel which enables an even temperature once cooking begins. Whether you plan an intimate setting or a large group of friends, the 4 independently moderated burners will perfectly cater for the craving, especially if you are a breakfast lover.

3. Best Stainless Steel Front Griddle

Blackstone”s stainless steel front 28″ is a summer griddle that gives the chef of the day tons of versatility and the best part in all this is the aesthetic benefit that it brings in any cooking space. You can have the legs folded when you want to change your position and have them back when you get to the next point. The griddle has a 10-gauge thick rolled steel surface which is excellent for heat retention as well as distribution. Two burners are available for temperature control where each has an output of 17,000 BTU. It is appropriate for family and friends as the 28.5″ by 16.5″ cooking surface can hold 44 hotdogs, 12 steaks, or 18 hamburgers which can serve a significant number of people.

4. Best All-Purpose Griddle

Being summer, an all-purpose cooking unit that can be used outdoors is necessary. Tailgater combo is an all-purpose unit that is easy to carry around thanks to its adjustable legs. You can move with it on any terrain and still manage to set up and cook. There are 2 burners available to help you control the heat depending on what you are preparing. As long as you know what you”re doing, Tailgater has a frying pan, dutch oven, and a stock pot to ensure that the meal cooks perfectly. It can hold up to 4 steaks or 20 hotdogs which provides the best fit for small gatherings. All you need to do is make sure that the temperature is right, grill, and enjoy the beauty that summer brings.

5. Camp Chef”s Flat Top Griddle

Camp Chef”s Flat Top is the ideal griddle if you”re planning to make your favorite sandwiches or even enjoy the sizzling effect of fresh fish on the grill. It is easy to use and its restaurant style makes it the convenient option when it comes to draining grease. There is an added heat diffuser plate which aids in distributing heat evenly minimizing the hot spots. The flat top griddle is pre-seasoned with “true seasoned finish” and is ready to use in almost any setting.
The downside with the flat top griddle from Camp Chef compared to Blackstone products is that they are hard to clean. The other notable issue is with the design; Blackstone griddles are aesthetically on point. Most grillers see Camp Chef”s product as having the functionality but lacking the all-important attractive look that makes the summer gatherings a delight.

Blackstone griddles display a cocktail the passion, commitment, and cutting-edge technology that the creators and innovators have shared to come up with exclusive cooking units. These griddles come with a fresh summer experience where customers get to make outstanding meals. The units are versatile and they have the capacity to satisfy different numbers and great options are available for almost any budget. Finally, before buying you should first look at what you need, have a rough estimate of the people you”ll be expecting, and lastly what you can afford.

Griddle for tailgating – Which model is the best

blackstone tailgate best griddle model

Have you ever wondered how these elegant restaurants get to prepare and cook their meat so perfectly and evenly? Or you may have always wanted to know the secret of cooking the perfect burgers, the next time you have a tailgating party with the whole family? With the best griddle for tailgating, you will be the one cooking all these delicious foods. A griddle is simply a cooking apparatus that looks like a flat tray, and Blackstone provides you high-quality griddles that are worth your money. By purchasing these griddles, you will be certain that they will last for a very long time. Having a griddle like the Blackstone Tailgater Combo or the Outdoor Griddle – 4 Burner can be most beneficial both at a tailgate party outdoors. Whatever meat you use to cook that classic dish, you will be able to cook well and evenly. If you want to boast your cooking skills to your family members and friends, you will be able to cook those delicious steaks and serve them to your guests without getting any complaints.

If you want to prepare burgers and you just need a small griddle for your kitchen, then a 17” Table Top Griddle is definitely the appliance that you require. Since the heat is evenly distributed on the flat surface, your burgers will be cooked perfectly without any hint of burning, while sealing all the juice inside. Your family will never complain about your cooking ever again. If you consider yourself a grilling expert or you have been living a healthy lifestyle for many years, Blackstone’s The Dash is a perfect cooking appliance that you can add to your kitchen. With its fine finish that provides a non-stick surface, you’ll never experience a hard time cleaning the surface after preparing your favorite meals. And since the griddles feature a non-stick surface, they won’t need much oil for cooking your food, making everything healthy and delicious to eat.

Even with small griddle models, hosting a small tailgate party for just your family and close friends can be stress-free for you. With a griddle like the 28” Griddle – 2 Burner, you will now be able to cook two burgers all at the same time, while cooking that bacon on the side. You can even make those perfectly French toasts that are crunchy on the outside while moist when you bite. You can also heat your sausages and waffles easily with a tool like this. Rather than rushing here and there being worried about preparing not so good food and spending too much of your time, you can now relax since a griddle provides an easy and fast cooking method. The best thing about this tool is that your meals will be evenly cooked, delicious and healthy. You don’t have to work up a sweat with a griddle. Who knew that cooking can be so much fun. Now you know what to bring to a tailgate party. With a high-quality griddle like the 36” Stainless Steel Outdoor Griddle – 4 Burner, grilling will never be a hassle for you. Blackstone is a trusted brand in the food service industry for griddles. They provide both home and restaurant owners a variety of affordable griddles that are capable of handling small to heavy-duty food operations without compromising on food quality.

The importance of a good kitchen appliance such as this cannot be stated enough. Good appliances will save you from the stress of buying a new one regularly and are also important in preparing top quality meals. These cooking tools have more room for cooking, and they offer an option of cooking different types of foods. When purchasing a griddle, keep in mind that you should always go for the best one that fits your situation, so do a lot of research about the different types before committing your funds in buying a certain griddle. Always go for a top-quality griddle and make sure it is of high performance and durable too. As said earlier, before settling on a certain griddle, spend some time researching the different types. A bit of time spent on research now will save a lot of time down the road. Do you love tailgating parties? Get a griddle today and enjoy preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.

Best griddles on a budget

There’s no denying the fact that food cooked on the best griddle is mouth-watering, whether it’s fluffy pancakes or seared hamburgers. If you are in the market for the best griddle, chances are you have enjoyed eating food that had been cooked on a griddle and would like to read the best griddle review before you make your final purchase decision.

So what is the best griddle?

If you visit Blackstone’s official website, you’ll find that the maker has been in the business since 2005, providing families with the best grills that enable them to cook tasty food for their families or large parties. Blackstone Griddle is known for providing quality griddles for outdoor cooking lovers. These days, these grills dominate the griddle market and customers are happy that their products are of high quality, reasonably priced and the perfect griddles for cooking on adventure trips.

The best griddle budget is the Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle. Let’s take a look at this Blackstone best griddle as well as the best cheap griddles available in the market to help you make an informed decision.

Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Griddle ReviewBlackstone 36 inch flat top

Many customers agree that the Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Griddle is the best unit in the market today. It helps you to cook delicious food and s extremely easy to maintain.

Its size is reasonable, so it doesn’t waste valuable space. It is also not so small that you end up getting frustrated that you can’t cook enough food on it.

The product can heat up the whole grill uniformly or you can decide to heat up certain parts of the flat top. Outdoor cooking enthusiasts enjoy cooking virtually anything from a breakfast for the family to a delicious steak dinner on it, and the results are admirable.

blackstone tailgatorBlackstone Tailgater Grill & Griddle Combo

This is another reasonably priced griddle for cooking on parks and during various adventure trips. This is the best outdoor gas griddle combo available in the market today. Setup is simple and straightforward, even on a bumpy ground thanks to its adjustable legs. You will love the way the unit cooks, as it generates even heat across its cooking surface. Maintenance is also easy and quick with this griddle. It is also ideal for cooking food for the whole family or large groups. It is certainly one of the best cheap grills for your outdoor cooking needs. It makes for an excellent coking station and it’s the unit every foodie should have.

The Camp Chef SG60

The Camp Chef SG60 is another griddle model available in the market and offers a good cooking surface. It is quite easy to assemble and set up; it takes you an average of about 30 minutes to set it up and start using. However, The Camp Chef SG60 has one major downside: it may be quite tricky to clean. Debris may easily stick to this griddle while cooking, making it difficult to clean. While this griddle is a good option, this downside makes the aforementioned models better alternatives for you.


If you are new to griddling, then you need to consider buying one of the above Blackstone best griddles for your outdoor cooking needs. Most people are used to cooking with grills and the fineness effect is just not there while you’re cooking. With the best Blackstone griddle, your family and friends will be stunned by your newly found abilities of cooking the best food they have ever tasted!

Camping Equipment – Griddles Review

The quality of your kitchen appliances should not be your biggest concern, but this does not mean that you should expect less. Poor quality will say that you need to buy one more, or often have to be content with quality cooking. You do not want to deal with this.

The performance of your kitchen appliances should be especially important if you cook and bake a lot, but it can be just as important if you prepare only occasionally. Everything should be well prepared and go high.

Using an electric frying pan in your kitchen will give you many things to do. You can cook all kinds of dishes from pancakes to chicken, and you can do this even if you do not have a cooker. The electric frying pan also gives you more space for cooking.

You need to keep in mind many different things when you start buying high-quality electric griddles. If you just buy the most expensive one? Not! The higher the price, the higher the quality.

Remember the brand. Try to find something familiar that has an excellent reputation for quality. If you have branded appliances that you love and are happy with, look for griddles in this brand in which you can be sure.

Strive for performance on the grill, not just durable. For example, a grate with a stove is placed on the plate and only the heat in which the burner is obtained. That’s where the advantage of the electric frying pan. You all heat up. Make sure it heats up and heats up.

Do not be afraid to go shopping. Do not just buy the first one that you see. Look online and browse websites to find out what other people can say about different griddles to get the best quality at the best price.

People often think that the only things that use electric griddles are pancakes and fried eggs. It’s a delusion. Electric griddles are ideal for Panini, French toast, potatoes, pancakes, pancakes and so on.

Electric griddles are a universal addition to any kitchen. A large flat surface warms evenly, giving all the dishes even when cooking. They are terrific for large families or when you need to prepare for a group. Most electrical griddles today come with a removable culinary surface for easy cleaning.

Most of the electric griddle panels are equipped with a drain trough, which gives a healthier and less fatty food. This feature is especially useful in the preparation of bacon, hamburgers or sausages. This makes the cleaning of the frying pan much more convenient.

Electric griddles heat up very quickly and are ready for use in a matter of minutes. Products will not cling to the non-stick surface, so cleaning is not carried out. Plastic spatulas are recommended for use with a frying pan, since a non-sticky surface can scratch.

The thermostat is one of the important advantages of an electric frying pan that allows you to adjust the temperature as a cook. It is also removable for more affordable storage and cleaning of the frying pan. You will never have to worry about burning food, because there is a control for warming to keep food warm when you are ready to serve.

Electric griddles can be used for the quick preparation of breakfast and hot meals for large families. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you make the right purchase.

The size

Electric griddles are more extensive than other kitchen appliances. Make sure that you have a place to store your frying pan until it is used. Also, make sure that you can clean it after it.

Culinary surface

The non-contiguous culinary surface is extremely widely used, especially if you plan to cook eggs and pancakes. This will also make your meals healthier because you will not need to use as much oil.


Make sure that it heats up evenly. You can read a lot of customer feedback about the product and if there are any problems with heating.


Typically, the price range for an electric griddle is $ 30- $ 75. If you plan to prepare the necessary items for breakfast, a model from 35 to 40 dollars should satisfy all your needs.


Some models include a removable tray for collecting fat, which gathers fat from foods such as bacon. This leads to a healthier diet. However, it is more to clean.

Make sure that you conduct an adequate research on the Internet and read customer testimonials before you make a purchase. Electric frying pan is an excellent purchase for those who need extra space for cooking, or for those who do not have access to a stove plate. It is also ideal if you are camping and have access to electricity and cooking for large crowds.

In my opinion, the best griddles are Blackstone ones! They’re a bit more expensive than the others, but you get some great quality! I have the 17″ one and I haven’t regretted my decision, ever!